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Many times God asks us to consider doing something that is completely outside of what we usually do and something that we think we could never do. As we think about it and pray about it, we have to discern if it is really a call from God or just some random idea that popped into our heads. Once we determine that it is really God urging us to move forward, we have to consider our fear and hesitation at trying to do something new. That is when we need to trust God for the strength, guidance, and help rather than letting our fears get the best of us.

Peter had to decide to get out of the boat and begin to walk toward Jesus while the other disciples just sat there in the safety of the boat — afraid to move, afraid to believe it was really Jesus, and afraid to trust his power to help them.

During the month of September, we will explore this theme in worship. We will look beyond the story of Peter to other Biblical passages to help us better understand how we can apply these principles in our own lives and faith walk.

What might God be urging you to consider?


Join us each Sunday in September!


2019 September theme med


September 1
Sermon - “Look to Jesus”
Scripture - Matthew 14:22-36

September 8
Sermon - “Saying Yes”
Scripture - Acts 8:1-6 & 8:26-35

September 15
Sermon - “Taking the Next Step”
Scripture - 1 Kings 17

September 22
Sermon - “Worry or Worship?”
Scripture - Acts 4:23-31

September 29
Sermon - “Growing Your Faith”
Scripture - Acts 3


“Come,” he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus.  Matthew 14:29



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