David Brock, Co-Pastor

In addition to his duties as co-pastor at Spiceland Friends, David is a full-time attorney. He and his wife Linda began attending Spiceland Friends in 1999. They enjoyed the people, the ministries, and the programs. It was an easy decision to make Spiceland their new church home, and they quickly became active.

Before beginning law school in 1999, David had served in full-time ministry for almost 30 years — most of it with Friends Churches. After five years of youth ministry with Youth for Christ, he had been Associate Pastor at Fresno, California Friends Church for five years, Founding Pastor for the new Friends Church at Bakersfield, California for seven years, and then Indiana Yearly Meeting General Superintendent for thirteen years.

Just as the new building addition was being completed in May 2006, the pastor resigned, and David was asked to "preach a few weeks while we look for a new pastor." He agreed to preach for a few weeks, and members of the congregation agreed to do most of the visitation and administrative duties. The few weeks stretched into a few months and in 2007, the Meeting approved a Pastoral Team approach. Cathy Harris came as Associate Pastor (now Co-Pastor) and was a valuable addition to David. The pastoral team has continued to evolve in terms of job descriptions and duties, but the idea of having three pastors — not all full-time and with different ministry gifts — has proved effective for the Meeting and its members.

David and Linda have three grown children: Lori, Leslie, and Mark. Each of them graduated from New Castle High School and from Indiana colleges. David and Linda also have nine grandchildren.

David graduated from California State University at Fresno (BA) in 1964 and from University of Dayton School of Law (JD) in 2002. He is a partner at the law firm, DeFur Voran LLP, which has offices in Muncie, New Castle, and Fishers. He is grateful for the opportunity to serve as pastor part-time while continuing to work as an attorney during the week. "It is always uplifting to see how God works through different people with different gifts and how our whole congregation is involved in many different avenues of ministry."

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