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  1. What does the Bible mean when it speaks of being faithful and steadfast? How should we best guard our hearts and be on the alert against temptation? What are the daily routines we should establish to follow Christ well and finish strong? Bible Gateway interviewed Cynthia Heald about her book, The Faithful Way: Remaining Steadfast […]

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  2. This is the eighty-fourth lesson in author and pastor Mel Lawrenz’ How to Live the Bible series. If you know someone or a group who would like to follow along on this journey through Scripture, they can get more info and sign up to receive these essays via email here. See Mel Lawrenz’s new book, […]

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  3. Bible Gateway presents the Bible Connection Podcast, where we talk about the Bible and how it connects to every facet of life. Will McGinniss is perhaps best known as a founding member of the Christian band, Audio Adrenaline. In 2003, he, co-founder and lead singer Mark Stuart, and the rest of the band formed the […]

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  4. By Walter Wangerin Jr. Read Luke 1:26–38. The Canaanites tell this disturbing folktale: if a jealous angel should appear to a young woman on the night of her betrothal, beware! It’s a sign that the she-demon will kill the man she’s soon to marry. Could this be one of the reasons why Gabriel’s appearance to […]

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  5. What role does the Bible have in the life of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning monarch in British history? How has her inspirational character and profound faith been shaped by Scripture? On the throne bridging the 20th and 21st centuries, Queen Elizabeth has faced many personal and public storms: an early and surprising ascension […]

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